An unofficial estimate of the total number of people of Indian origin living outside India is about 22 million people. Whether they come from Asia, Africa, the Americas, Australia, the Caribbean or Europe, they are Indians in body and spirit. Almost all of them maintain their Indian cultural traditions and values. They seem to have meaningfully integrated in their countries without losing their ethnic identity. To have a better understanding of our communities in different parts of the world, it is essential to know and share the history of the migration as well as their experiences in various countries. A good number of Indians also live in the Gulf region. Most of the Gulf migration from India took place from the State of Andhra Pradesh.

It is expected that India will be the most populous country by 2050, with a largely young and thus mobile population. India's expanding middle class and continuing poverty, international labor, highly skilled migration, and illegal migration are likely to grow, as is the scale of internal mobility.

The common thread between all the three groups of Indian emigrants is that they are labour migrants to the Gulf Country. The skilled and highly skilled labour have also migrated to the developed countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The lower skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled labour went to the Gulf region. In some parts of Gulf Countries there are colonial policies of slave trade and indenture labour system exists.

In every part of the world the A.P.NRI’s are recognized and respected for their hard work, discipline, law abiding nature and for successfully integrating with the local community. Overseas Indians have transformed the economies and have come to occupy a place of pride in the countries of destination and have contributed very significantly to knowledge, innovation and prosperity.

We feel proud of the great achievements of the people of Indian origin around the world. India’s rise is increasingly being regarded as an important dimension of the emerging international world order.

The purpose of this web portal as World Wide Web inventor intended the Web to be “a collaborative medium, a place where we (could) provide one step services to the A.P.NRI’s information like Management Information/ Application System, Authentication and Attestation of the Educational Certificates and Personal and documents, Awareness programmes relating to Marriages, Pre-Departure Training through OMCAP, Tracing of the Missing NRI’s, Legal Assistance to the required, Exgratia/Compensation to the deceased ones, Abroad Medical Assistance, Transportation of the Mortal Remains, Initiation with Embassies and Consulates and other services related to A.P.NRI’s on case to case basis and we also provide information to the Non-Resident Indians by exploring A.P. Heritage & Pride, Educational Institutions, Tourism, Investment and also Food. We are sure this portal would allow smooth flow of information that could help and strengthen the A.P.NRI’s network movement and also make A.P. as eye catching to the worldwide.