Indian diaspora is a geographically diversified diaspora, which is spread in as many as 110 countries. At the same time, the characteristics of this diversified group, varies. It varies to such an extent that we even call some countries as 'old diaspora' counties and other countries as 'new diaspora' countries. The prominent countries that figure in the old Indian diaspora are Malaysia, Mauritius, Trinidad and Tobago, Fiji, Guyana, and Suriname. On the other hand, the prominent countries with the new diaspora are all the developed countries like - USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Apart from the old and new Indian diaspora, a good number of Indians also live in the Gulf region. Most of the Gulf migration from India took place from the State of Andhra Pradesh.

The common thread between all the three groups of Indian emigrants is that they are labour migrants. Hence they are the labour diaspora with their families established over a period of time. The skilled and highly skilled labour went to the developed countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and formed a part of new Indian Diaspora. The lower skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled labour went to the Gulf region. The old diaspora are replaced in other countries because of the colonial policies of slave trade and indenture labour system.

India has the second largest overseas diaspora with an estimated 25 million Overseas Indians spread across 110 countries. Though they live in different countries, speak different languages, practice different faiths and are engaged in different vocations, they are bound together by the common thread of a shared culture and a strong bond with their motherland. In every part of the world they are recognized and respected for their hard work, discipline, law abiding nature and for successfully integrating with the local community. Overseas Indians have transformed the economies and have come to occupy a place of pride in the countries of destination and have contributed very significantly to knowledge, innovation and prosperity.

The achievements of the Indian Diaspora have helped India acquire a significant global presence. We feel proud of the great achievements of the people of Indian origin around the world. Indias rise is increasingly being regarded as an important dimension of the emerging international world order. Our voice on key global challenges is not just being heard, but is being increasingly valued. we notice, Persons of Indian Origin, are holding high offices in their adopted land. The globally changing face of India is a tribute to the spirit of adventure and enterprise of the Indian Overseas community who are indeed the powerful agents of social and economic change, in diverse fields, the world over.